When you check in to the Howard Jade Garden Hotel Taichung, be prepared to enjoy our extensive recreation facilities, including free access to the gym, spa, sauna, or snooker room. On-site professional trainers are available for consultation or guidance. Let yourself relax in a state of bliss and pleasure during your stay at the hotel.


Situated next to Chungkang Road at the Chungkang Interchange in the Greater Taichung area, the Howard Jade Garden Hotel is just minutes away from the Taichung High Speed Rail station, shopping and scenic areas. The hotel provides cozy and exquisite guest rooms, mainly apartment services for long-term stay. Our rooms come fully equipped with electrical appliances and kitchenware, allowing our guests to feel right at home when living away from home for extended periods of time.

Places of Interest

Must-visit Scenic Spots of Taichung:
˙Tunghai Night Market
˙Fongjia Night Market
˙Jingming First Street
˙Chingshui Rest Area
˙Yamay Recreation World
˙Wuchi Tourist Harbor
˙Gaomei Wetlands
˙National Museum of Natural Science